Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Structure, Agency and the Internal Conversation

Standing back entails accepting the consequences of the self-imposed curtailment of one's horizons. For the 'communicative reflexive' (those who engage in reflexive deliberations through 'thought and talk'), it means embracing the status quo and editing one's hopes to that which is possible within it. Since ambition has been voluntarily renounces, only external factors outside the agent's control (such as changes in national pay scales) can alter their lot. Consequently, all internal attention shifts to how to make the best of it, by intensive budgeting. Only contingency rather than agency could change any of the terms in this equation. Significantly, the lottery was mentioned by everyone in this sub-group and by nobody in any other. Once you have made your bed, then lie on it economically, but if part of you persists in dreaming, then keep buying a lottery ticket. There appears to be nothing between a limited savings' scheme and hitting a lottery jackpot. (M. Archer, p. 202)

How do I dream?

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