Monday, November 17, 2008

Le Temps retrouvé/Rauol Ruiz/1999

"She’s aged. Or am I dreaming?"
"You’re dreaming. She’s ravishing."

''Heartbreak can kill, but leaves no trace.''

"Use your youth to learn two things. First, refrain from displaying emotions that are best left unspoken. Second, don’t rush into answering questions before you’ve understood them."

''The day the sculptor Salvini died, he was given as all mortals are, the time to review every place and moment of his life. The sculptor refused. "My life has been a series of extraordinary adventures. To revisit them would only make me sadder. I'd rather use my remaining time to review my last work, Divine Nemesis, otherwise known as The Triumph of Death." So, it was...
Soon after the Angel of Death returned to announce the end of his time of grace. "What a paradox" exclaimed Salvini. "You gave me enough time to revisit my whole life, which lasted sixty three years. The same length of time was too short to review an object I made in three months."
"In this work is all of your life and the life of all men" the Angel replied. "To review it would take an eternity."

Astounding movie...

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